A Revolution in Surface Drive Design

Wholly manufactured in Port Dickson, Malaysia Levi Drive® is a transom mounted surface propeller drive. The propulsion systems are a compact, highly efficient propulsion solution for marine vessels ranging from 50 to 4000 hp.

Levi Drives® are an evolution of the Step Design surface drive propulsion systems. Elegant yet simple in design, they offer optimum ease and flexibility in installation. Due to their unsurpassed features, Levi Drives® are much in demand around the world by the private, corporate and military sectors.

Levi Drive® Features

  • Highly reliable
    Made from the highest quality corrosion-resistant materials, Levi Drive’s design is extremely simple which ensures its trouble-free operation.
  • Compact & light
    Made to be compact and light to enhance the engine’s efficiency and minimise stern protrusion.
  • Greater efficiency
    Its streamline design and features contribute to 10% to 15% improved efficiency of the vessel’s engine.
  • Easy fitting
    The transom mounting design makes it quick and simple to fit Levi Drives® without the hassle of shaft alignment and fitting needed in other propulsion systems.
  • Engine position versatility
    The engine may be fitted amidships or right aft without the added complication of a costly V-Drive and transmission shaft.
  • Pure speed
    Since only half the disk is submerged, appendage drag is eliminated and offers greater cruising speeds.
  • Better acceleration & helm control

About Rudi

Mr Scholz gained his academic qualifications in Germany and holds an MBA (Diplom Wirtschaftsingenieur, U of Braunschweig, 1988), postgraduate qualifications in industrial engineering (REFA Ing, Institute for Industrial Engineering in Hannover, 1988), postgraduate certificate in welding engineering (SLV Welding Institute, 1985), master’s degree in shipbuilding, naval architecture and marine engineering (Diplom Schiffbauingenieur, U of Hannover, 1983), and a certificate for building wooden and fiberglass boats (Opelit in Frankfurt, 1972). He has also studied in the Department of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering of the University of Michigan in the USA.
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