Para-Sailing with Levi Surface Drives

Here a video showing that it is possible to operate a para-sailing equipment with a “Levi Surface Drive”. This particular drive was employed because the Volvo Dual Props are too sensitive in a commercial application and cutting deep in the profit of this operators.

Please visit the video under:


About Rudi

Mr Scholz gained his academic qualifications in Germany and holds an MBA (Diplom Wirtschaftsingenieur, U of Braunschweig, 1988), postgraduate qualifications in industrial engineering (REFA Ing, Institute for Industrial Engineering in Hannover, 1988), postgraduate certificate in welding engineering (SLV Welding Institute, 1985), master’s degree in shipbuilding, naval architecture and marine engineering (Diplom Schiffbauingenieur, U of Hannover, 1983), and a certificate for building wooden and fiberglass boats (Opelit in Frankfurt, 1972). He has also studied in the Department of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering of the University of Michigan in the USA.
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