Drive Type Selection

We produce two types of Levi Drives for commercial use:

“Levi Drive”  (Short: LD)

LD 240-250 with long shaft and tiller steering

LD 240-250 with long shaft and tiller steering

The “Levi Drive” is used on the common transom angel of 12 degree. It application is for new buildings and re-powering of existing outboard, stern drive or waterjet installations.



“Levi Side Winder” LD-SW

Levi Drive SideWinder

The “Levi Side Winder” requires a 45 degree transom angel. This drive is lighter, cheaper and has no outside hydraulic parts. Mostly used for new building projects but conversion projects are also possible.



Drive Designation

LD 240-250 with long shaft and tiller steering

LD 240-250 with long shaft and tiller steering


The identification of “Levi Drives” and “Levi SideWinder” is simple.
A Drive LD 240-250 stands for standard Levi Drive produced for a 12 degree transom angle. This Drive can carry a max propeller diameter of 24 inches (609.6 mm) and has a propeller and rudder shaft diameter of 2.5 inches (63.5 mm).




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A Drive LD 240-250 SW is a Levi Side Wider produced for a 45 degree transom angle.

This drive can carry a propeller with max diameter of 24 inches (609.6mm) and has a propeller and rudder shaft of 2.5 inches (63.5 mm).



LD240-250 SW Side view


Propeller Selection

The most important part of your drive is the propeller.

a) If you know the propeller diameter size and pitch it is easy to order a drive. Just use the one which fit to your propeller diameter.

b) If you don’t know the propeller diameter and pitch we suggest to fill out out propeller questionnaire and return it to us with some pictures or drawings of your craft. Please try to answer all question and verify the answers against your boat. We will use your data to calculate a propeller for your craft and suggest a Drive for you. You will understand that your guess is better than our because you know the craft and we must avoid GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out). Our calculation can only be as good as the input data.
You can get the the questionnaire direct from our office in PDF or Exel Format.