Diamond Back Propeller

The Diamond Back surface propeller is an innovation in propeller design. It has been created by Sonny Renato Levi to overcome one of the fundamental flaws in surface propulsion. The back of the blade has a concave area towards the trailing edge which is capable of providing the required lift when the propeller rotation is reversed. This eliminates the poor astern thrust associated with surface propellers to date.


  • Can be used for all types of surface drives
  • The Diamond Back comes in the following propeller diameter series: 17”, 20”, 24”, 28”, 32”, 36”, 40” and 44”
  • Special diameters available upon request
  • Each diameter series has a set of 5 propellers with different pitch angles
  • Produced for clockwise and counterclockwise rotation
  • Produced in NiAlBronze
  • Each propeller in these series has 4 blades
  • Propellers are of fixed pitch types
  • Standard taper 1:10
  • Special tapers at owners request

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