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Levi Drives manufactures a line of innovative surface drive systems in Germany, for commercial, private and military marine applications under the trademark, Levi Drive®.

Evolving from its roots in ‘offshore racing’, Levi Drives® are currently the only commercial surface drives available on the market.

Considered to be the Mercedes of surface drives, Levi Drives® are durable, trouble-free, fast and reasonably priced. Though similar to a racing drive, Levi Drives® are designed for hard sea labor and they excel beyond expectations. Featuring the best workmanship, finest materials and excellent design, Levi Drives® have been in the field working for thirty years without any problems.

A revolutionary patented surface drive design, Levi Drives® offer 10% to 20% more efficiency than the most sufficient propulsion systems on the market to date. In addition, Levi Drives® can easily be transom mounted onto the diesel and gasoline engines of a broad range of marine vessels.

The Levi Drive® series is developed by Renato ‘Sonny’ Levi, an internationally renowned marine designer with over 50 years experience in marine propulsion technology.

WE TAKE PRODUCT ORDERS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. To buy any of our products, or design and manufacture racing drives, please enquire directly.

Atlantic Challenger II

The Atlantic Challenger II

Technical Drawing Atlantic Challenger II








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