Scimitar Propeller

The Scimitar is a development of the highly efficient “Diamond Back” series. The Scimitar maintains all the same effective reversing properties, but has been designed to reduce cyclic pressure peaks, which results in a much smoother delivering of thrust throughout the power range.


• Can be used for all types of surface drives
• The Scimitar comes in the following propeller diameter series: 17”, 20”, 24”, 28”, 32”, 36”, 40” and 44”
• Special diameters available upon request
• Each diameter series has a set of  5 propellers with different pitch angles
• Produced for clockwise and counterclockwise rotation
• Produced in NiAlBronze
• Each propeller in the series has 4 blades
• Propellers are of fixed pitch types
• Standard taper 1:10
• Special tapers at owners request

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