LD170-150 Configurations



LD 170-150 on 25 foot Test Boat

The field of application for the LD 170-150 is very wide. This drive is used in seawater and also in freshwater.



LD 170-150 Stainless Steel 316L Tiller Steering

LD170-150 Galvanized Tiller Steering

Therefore the LD 170 -150 is produced in:

a) Stainless Steel 316L (seawater use)
b) Stainless Steel 304 (freshwater use)
c) Mild Steel galvanized (freshwater use)
d) Mild steel painted (freshwater use, experimental)

LD 170-150 Painted Tiller Steering

The steering of the “Levi Surface Drive” LD 170-150 can be done with:

1) hydraulic rudder cylinder
2) tiller steering
3) rope -wire steering

LD170-150 Rope Steering on a painted version

LD 170-150 Stainless Steel 316L Hydraulic Ruddder Cylinder

We recommend the combination “Stainless Steel 316L” and “Hydraulic Rudder Cylinder” for an all purpose “Levi Drive LD 170-150” configuration in seawater. The specification for this configuration is LD 170-150 (a,1) This combination gives you the longlivity of the stainless steel 316L and the ease of installion.

When requesting information about the LD 170-150 please indicate which configuration you are interested in.