LD 170 – 150

Levi Surface Drives:

“Levi Surface Drive” tested on Fishing Boat Port Dickson 10 and 11 Oct. 2011

Levi Drive LD170-150 at rest

25 foot fishing boat on trailer with LD 170-150 galvanized version

Levi Drive LD 170-150 at work

Levi Drive LD 170-150 in stainless steel 316L

LD 170-150 in stainless steel on Malay fishing boat

LD 170 – 150 with hand steering




Levi Drives are well known all over the world as the Mercedes of Surface Drives. The drives serve on very fast yachts and military crafts. Richard Branson catapulted “Levi Drives” into publicity with his legendary Virgin “Atlantic Challenger II” Atlantic crossing.

All these developments were done for large, mostly luxurious or military crafts with high powered engines and high speeds. About 8 years ago “Levi Drives” started to look into the possibility to develop a smaller surface drive for lower speeds for the everyday user. The result was the “LD 170-150 Fisherman”.

The present tests proved the concept, that small boats can be powered at moderate speed (20 – 25 knots) by surface propellers and diesel engines.

The boat “Kristina” is a second hand standard Malay fiberglass fishing boat of 25 foot length. This boat was refurbished with a second hand Isuzu 4JB1 diesel engine (55 hp @3000 rpm), a Gearbox 1: 1.55 and the smallest “Levi Surface Drive” (LD 170-150 Fisherman). The speed reached during the first tests was 27 knots with three people on board.

With the employment of modern, more efficient , lighter and cheaper diesel engines, it will possible to reduce the fuel consumption further, which is at present about 50% compared to a two stroke outboard engine.

If you have any question or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Levi Drives direct. Your contact person is: Dipl. Ing. Schiffbau Rudolf Scholz. It is our aim to respond to your request in less than 24 hours.

Here are 2 short videos