Sale for customer “Levi Surface Drives LD320-350 (2 Units)”

Levi LD 320-350 Surface Drives with Propeller

Item Details:
These units of Levi Surface Drive LD 320-350 with Propeller ­­­­­is available for sale.

Details are listed below:

This Levi Surface Drive is for a boat (Single or Multihull) about 16-18m. The desired speed is around 32-34 knots. There will be 2 units Installed. The marine engines suitable will have 750 – 900 hp.

The LD 320-350 can carry propeller up to 32 inches.The propeller and rudder shaft has a diam. of 3.5 inches. The unit is build out of Stainless steel 316L.
• Surface Drive Propeller Unit for inboard motors between 750 and 900 hp
• Designed by Mr. Renato Sonny Levi of Sonny Levi Design Company, England
• Design based on patent dated 9 July 1975, Internationally copyrighted • Produced by Levi Drives, Frankfurt, Germany Supervision of production
and quality control by Scholz Marine Consultant (SMC), Germany
• Drive unit base material ASTM (316L/316); DIN/EN 1.4404 (X2CrNiMo17-12-2)
• Welding process TIG/SMAW • Reduction gearbox required 2:1 or smaller
• Max propeller diameter: 32” (813 mm)
• Propeller type: Surface Propeller Diamond Back or Scimitar Propeller
• Propeller material: Ni-Al Bronze • Propeller shaft diameter: 3,5” (88,9 mm), standard length 1960 mm, special length at owner’s request
• Propeller shaft bearing type: Vesconite water lubricated Cutlass Bearing
• Standard propeller taper 1:10, special tapers at owners’ request • Rudder bearing material: Vesconite
• Rudder can be activated by hydraulic rudder cylinder
• Exhaust diameter: (168 mm)

• Stuffing Box type: Dripless Type PSS (USA)
• Units sold of similar design: 2000 +; power range 100 till 4000 HP • We provide Propeller – Drive – Boat matching at extra, reasonable rates
• Warranty: 1 year for constructional faults
• Weight (including propeller): 800 kg

Quantity:  2 Units

Original Wholesale Value:  $94,128.00 or best offer.

Location:  Butterworth, , Malaysia


Units were built for a 16 m fast catamaran ferry. Buyer is responsible for all of the taxes, duties, shipping and handling costs.

About Rudi

Mr Scholz gained his academic qualifications in Germany and holds an MBA (Diplom Wirtschaftsingenieur, U of Braunschweig, 1988), postgraduate qualifications in industrial engineering (REFA Ing, Institute for Industrial Engineering in Hannover, 1988), postgraduate certificate in welding engineering (SLV Welding Institute, 1985), master’s degree in shipbuilding, naval architecture and marine engineering (Diplom Schiffbauingenieur, U of Hannover, 1983), and a certificate for building wooden and fiberglass boats (Opelit in Frankfurt, 1972). He has also studied in the Department of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering of the University of Michigan in the USA.
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