Test Levi Drive LD170-150 on 25 foot commercial fishing boat

In 2011 Levi Drives demonstrated that the LD 170-150 (Fisherman) Surface Drive can be used on a commercial inshore fishing boat. These tests were a remake of the tests done 5 years earlier in Penang (Malaysia). It was an attempt to convince Malaysian officials of the new technology and to give them an alternative to their petrol hungry outboard engines they distributing freely into their fishing community. Malaysia has about 35 000 registered inshore fisherman (and of course about 1,5 as much un-registerd fisherman) using outboard engines. These boats could be used for example “set net” and “pot fishing” “fishfarms” etc.

The boat had the dimensions:

L = 25 foot;

B = 7 foot

Mass = 1500 kg plus 2 crew

Engine: Second hand Isuzu 4JB1 engine from a truck, marinized 55hp @3600 rpm

(Malaysia imports second hand engines from Japan)

Gearbox: Koysan 2:1

Drive: Levi Surface Drive LD 170-150 (Fisherman) galvanized

Propeller: Levi Diamond Back Propeller 17 inch

Speed: 27,5 knots ( the same like with an Yamaha Outboard engine 60 hp)

LD 170 - 150 drawing

LD 170 – 150 drawing







Here the video. Click on to the link

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