Eco Surface Drive

The so called ” Eco Surface Drives” is an Levi Drive inspired Surface drive produced by Mr. Azman in Malaysia. Mr. Azman has no technical education and was working for Levi Drives as a seller for the government sector under the name “Levi Drives Malaysia” on commission base.   Since his performance was not satisfactory, Levi Drives terminated the relationship with Mr. Azman 2012.

  1. Mr. Azman has no legal mandate to speak for Levi Drives.

2) Mr. Azman has no mandate to sell his drives as Levi Drives.

At the moment Mr. Azman uses the name Levi Drives, Levi Drives Malyasia in video’s and picture to fool future Eco Surface Drive to believe, that he has developed a workable surface drives.

The videos published by Mr. Azman shows actually Levi Drives (LD170-150) proclaimed as Eco Surface Drives.

If you also been cheated by Mr. Azman or the company called Eco Surface Drives, please contact us. We are preparing a law suit against this Person/ Company. We have already an impressive list:)

Rudolf Scholz

Director Levi Drives


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Levi Drive test boat missing

5 Testboat Anri1 Levi_Drive_LD170-150_with_marinised_Isuzu_Engine_27_7_knotsThe Levi Drive Test Boat is missing since 2015 from the Marina of Y.P in Port Dickson (Mr. Lau), Malaysia.  We have launched a police report without success.

The boat is a standard Malaysian fishing boat.

Length:     25 feet

Width :     7 feet

Form:         shallow V

Produced by Mr. Ameng from Penang

4 Kristina 11.10.2011Inboard Motor Isuzu 4JB1

Drive: Levi Drive 170-150 galvanized version

Propeller: Levi Diamond Back Propeller Dia 17 inch

The Gelcoat of this boat is blue.  The boat was painted white and named “Kristina” in 2011. In 2012 “Kristina” was renamed to “Anri”.

Please contact if you have any information of the whereabouts of this boat.




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Vesonite bushes for Surface Drives

Here some more explanation about the material Vesconite. Levi Drives uses Vesonite for bushes on all their Drives.

Vesconite, Levi Drives, Vesonite on Surface drives, Surface propeller,

Vesconite, Levi Drives, Vesonite on Surface drives, Surface propeller,








Here the link to Vesconite


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Surface Drive



Here a short video about Levi Surface Drives installed on a 25 foot commercial fishing boat. Speed achieved 27,7 knots.

Click to watch the video



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Test Levi Drive LD170-150 on 25 foot commercial fishing boat

In 2011 Levi Drives demonstrated that the LD 170-150 (Fisherman) Surface Drive can be used on a commercial inshore fishing boat. These tests were a remake of the tests done 5 years earlier in Penang (Malaysia). It was an attempt to convince Malaysian officials of the new technology and to give them an alternative to their petrol hungry outboard engines they distributing freely into their fishing community. Malaysia has about 35 000 registered inshore fisherman (and of course about 1,5 as much un-registerd fisherman) using outboard engines. These boats could be used for example “set net” and “pot fishing” “fishfarms” etc.

The boat had the dimensions:

L = 25 foot;

B = 7 foot

Mass = 1500 kg plus 2 crew

Engine: Second hand Isuzu 4JB1 engine from a truck, marinized 55hp @3600 rpm

(Malaysia imports second hand engines from Japan)

Gearbox: Koysan 2:1

Drive: Levi Surface Drive LD 170-150 (Fisherman) galvanized

Propeller: Levi Diamond Back Propeller 17 inch

Speed: 27,5 knots ( the same like with an Yamaha Outboard engine 60 hp)

LD 170 - 150 drawing

LD 170 – 150 drawing







Here the video. Click on to the link

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Para-Sailing with Levi Surface Drives

Here a video showing that it is possible to operate a para-sailing equipment with a “Levi Surface Drive”. This particular drive was employed because the Volvo Dual Props are too sensitive in a commercial application and cutting deep in the profit of this operators.

Please visit the video under:


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Vesconite South Africa

Levi Drives use Vesconite water lubricated bushing material for all its surface drives.It replaces the rubber propeller and rudder bushing of the past. Levi Drives uses Vesconite also for our custome made hydraulic rudder cylinder.

Please visit their website at:

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Polyflex Australia

We recommend to install a Polyflex Flexible-Coupling between gearbox and levidrive.

Polyflex Drive Saver

Polyflex Drive Saver

It reduces vibration and acts as a predetermined breaking point in case of a sudden and possibly hazardous stop of the propeller. It helps to protect both, gearbox and propeller in case of an accidental stop.

Check out their site at:

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A Revolution in Surface Drive Design

Wholly manufactured in Port Dickson, Malaysia Levi Drive® is a transom mounted surface propeller drive. The propulsion systems are a compact, highly efficient propulsion solution for marine vessels ranging from 50 to 4000 hp.

Levi Drives® are an evolution of the Step Design surface drive propulsion systems. Elegant yet simple in design, they offer optimum ease and flexibility in installation. Due to their unsurpassed features, Levi Drives® are much in demand around the world by the private, corporate and military sectors.

Levi Drive® Features

  • Highly reliable
    Made from the highest quality corrosion-resistant materials, Levi Drive’s design is extremely simple which ensures its trouble-free operation.
  • Compact & light
    Made to be compact and light to enhance the engine’s efficiency and minimise stern protrusion.
  • Greater efficiency
    Its streamline design and features contribute to 10% to 15% improved efficiency of the vessel’s engine.
  • Easy fitting
    The transom mounting design makes it quick and simple to fit Levi Drives® without the hassle of shaft alignment and fitting needed in other propulsion systems.
  • Engine position versatility
    The engine may be fitted amidships or right aft without the added complication of a costly V-Drive and transmission shaft.
  • Pure speed
    Since only half the disk is submerged, appendage drag is eliminated and offers greater cruising speeds.
  • Better acceleration & helm control
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The Design Concept

The Problem
When it comes to finding efficient underwater boat propellers, naval architects are faced with a limited range of choices. On one hand, naval architects could choose to employ the

biggest propeller size to achieve maximum efficiency. But the limitations in the propeller shaft line’s inclination meant that the propeller tip clearance between propeller and hull had to be observed to avoid cavitation and vibration to the hull.

Levi Drive LD 170-150

The other option for naval architects was to choose a smaller

propeller to achieve the desired inclination but then they had to sacrifice on propulsion efficiency.

This dilemma results in a compromise in which the designer buys one advantage by accepting another disadvantage.

A Revolutionary Design

Levi Drive LD 320-350 Side View

In the 1960’s, the famous power boat designer Sonny Renato

Levi experimented with mounting the propellers aft of his boat. He gradually raised the shaft line till the propeller center line was passing through an extended line of the boat’s bottom.

This revolutionary design gave birth to the surface propeller and stepdrive, which worked best when 50% submerged.


The propeller could be made as big as practical and cavitation was no longer a problem since the working conditions of the propeller was half in the water and half in the air. Each revolution helped to ventilate the propeller.

Levi Drive LD 200-200 with tiller steering

The boats equipped with this new drive system were a novelty in the offshore racing circuit and very successful. The step drive eventually evolved into the “Levi Drive” unit and the “Levi Side Winder”. Sonny Renato patented his design in 1976.




Design Principles

  • To use the biggest propeller possible
  • Mount the propeller behind the boat
  • Let the propeller work only partial submerged
  • Use a low shaft angle
  • Ventilate the propeller by air and/or exhaust gases during start up
  • Use super cavitating propeller sections
  • Employ cupped propellers
  • Reduce all appendages (studs, brackets, sand shoes)
  • Protect the propeller by a tunnel rudder or other means
  • Reduce the amount of parts in the construction
  • Use only the best materials available
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